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Advantages of buying a Simcard prior to your departure

Buy your  New Zealand SIM card from a New Zealand based supplier to get an honest comparison between the only three mobile providers in New Zealand and purchase the best one for your needs.

  • Using a local New Zealand SIM card will prevent you from paying excessive global roaming charges.If you buy a 2degrees or Vodafone, use it in Australia as well after you have visited New Zealand.
  • Being able to provide your friends and family with your New Zealand mobile number before you leave is one of the main advantages. Your number will be emailed to you within 24 hours of paying for your order.
  • Check with your provider if you can divert your own mobile number to your NZ mobile prior to leaving for New Zealand, so anybody not aware of your new number will still get through.
  • When making reservations for accommodation and rental cars you are able to provide the operator with your NZ number already.
  • You don't spend your first day, sorting out which SIM is best for you, activating it and sending you friends a text to let them know what your number is.

Which mobile provider is best?

We can't really help you in this area. Having travelled around New Zealand extensively with all three simcards in different devices, there was not a single company that stood out as being the best performer. For your SIMcard to work in your phone, you need to ensure that it is unlocked from your current provider prior to arrival in New Zealand. You also need to make sure that the frequency is 900MHZ or above. (any latest model mobile phone will have this). All three companies claim that they have 97% coverage in the populated areas of the country. Naturally on islolated beaches, middle of a forest and in mountain ranges where no or very few people live you will find the reception very limited or non existent. In some smaller townships you might notice that on one corner you have reception and another corner you don't. Just relax, you are on holiday!